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When you don’t have full health what do you have? Compromised health affects sleep, energy, work and sports performance, relationships, friendships and just about everything else in life. My emphasis is on restoring health and function rather than simply controlling symptoms. And most factors affecting health are under your control. The truth is, if you are unhealthy or unfit, you are responsible and to make progress you need to take back 100% responsibility. It’s simple to improve health and fitness and no matter how much you think you know what to do, you need someone to hold you accountable; it’s not about knowing, it’s about doing. The doing isn’t easy; it requires hard work and commitment and that’s where I come in, working with you to help and support you along the way. My approach is to incorporate coaching alongside nutritional education including discussion of your lifestyle and mindset to move to healthier behaviours and habits.

I run 1:1 and group consultations from my practice in Ringstead, NW Norfolk, telephone and Skype consultations for clients further afield and give talks and run corporate wellbeing programmes in response to the increasing recognition that greater health, energy and resilience to stress leads to improved performance in the work place.

I bring a commitment to work closely with you to set and reach your goals. The essential ingredients of my programmes are:
• Nutritional education to provide an understanding of the different effects foods have on metabolism and therefore health
• Coaching to provide the support, structure and direction to change lifetime habits
• Commitment to produce a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan

BA (Hons) Degree from Loughborough University
Sports Nutrition from Miami University, Florida, USA
Member of BANT and CNHC registered
Psycholigical Techniques for Weightloss
Zest4life health coach
ISAK level 1 Anthropometrist
Practitioner training in DNA Analysis with Nordic Labs
IFM graduate-trained
cPNI trained

Full payment is required up front by bank transfer or cheque and payments cannot be refunded or transferred.

To discuss the options and scope out your needs, book in for a free 10 minute phone coaching session – either call 07747 008482, or alternatively send an email to

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