"Nutrition is the fuel for life and the key to enduring vitality. Good nutrition is essential to reach and maintain a healthy weight, improve your physical and mental wellbeing and reach peak performance. Nutrition coaching provides you with a unique combination of a personally tailored nutrition programme and support to instigate change, achieve your goals and nourish your vitality."

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Could what you are eating be affecting your, or your family’s health ?

Most people now realise that eating is not just about putting enough fuel in the tank to keep going; if you give the body what it really needs, it does miraculous things. Organs, tissues, muscles and bloodstream all need the right fuel for the body and mind to remain healthy and balanced allowing:

  • the brain to think & feel happy
  • the muscles to move
  • the heart to pump
  • the liver to detoxify
  • the glands to produce hormones

By choosing food carefully we can take control over:

  • how well we age
  • how we resist illness
  • the number of years we can live a fulfilled, happy and active life

How can I help you ?

Maybe you would like to lose weight? You may know what you should be eating but need help making the changes and sticking to them.

Or you may think there is room for improvement in the quality of your diet and you are ready to step up a level in your performance. Whatever your sport, we can work together to devise a plan that works for you, your sport, your training and your life

To see if nutritional coaching can help you to achieve your goals:

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