Angie Davies, Monkey Music CEO and Founder

As a result of Covid-19 and the national lockdowns, our UK wide franchise network have experienced a very turbulent and unsettling year. Our ‘virtual’ online Annual Conference (in March 2021) was a timely opportunity to reflect and re-group ahead of our phased transition back to more normal levels of business.

I invited Bo, to talk to our franchisees because many were sharing concerns around their physical and mental well-being. Working from home whilst caring for others and/or home schooling had taken its toll and many of our franchisees were struggling with health-related issues such as lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, anxiety and depression.

Bo’s empathetic and personal style of communication was very re-assuring. During her presentation, ‘fuel well to feel well’, she shared lots of very relevant and easily digestible information around how to achieve and maintain strong physical and mental health. Her calm words and gentle suggestions of how to improve their general well-being were just what our franchisees needed to hear. Everyone came away from Bo’s presentation feeling inspired and motivated to make simple changes to their diets and/or lifestyle which would have an immediate and longer-term positive impact on their health.

Jo & Ivan Carr

My personal experience with Bo started by keeping my husband company on his first appointment. He’d taken up cycling and was keen to progress into racing but by the time we left I’d signed up for the Norwich half marathon!!! I walked out feeling totally confused but tentatively excited.

Over the following months Bo advised and encouraged both of us to alter our diets, which we had until then believed were reasonably healthy; now looking back how wrong were were.

Bo genuinely cares about giving you the best individual advice, inspiring confidence along the way. She really listens to any doubts or problems you encounter tweaking along the way, taking time to explain how different food groups can help different goals.

Having completed the Norwich half marathon with Bo’s nutritional advice and encouragement I then found myself with a London marathon place! This was the pinnacle of my past non running career. Bo was such a huge part of being able to 
complete the marathon, positive and empathetic all the way, constantly working with me to make sure I got it right on the day; her commitment is so admiral. 

Both my husband and I started slightly sceptical but now we are both healthier, more active and lighter than we have been in years. We cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thank you Bo

Tom Coke

When I first embarked on my fitness campaign, I reduced my weight from 90kg to 82kg through hard training alone. I was persuaded to go and see Bo when I embarked  on my Iron Man training and she helped me to further reduce my weight to 76.6kg. Her advice for pre event nutrition and during the event “topping up” really made the difference. 

Richard Patrick

In December 2015 I was given a Golden Ticket into the Norfolk Superhero Challenge for June 2016. Training started just after Christmas and I soon became aware that my eating habits and nutritional balance wasn’t supporting me train to my best.

Bo soon advised me where the changes needed to be made. She advised on the correct foods to eat and when to be eating them. Equally on the quality of training and not just the quantity. Bo also gave me invaluable advice on how to help my performance on the day so that my energy levels didn’t dip dramatically. I finished in good time feeling both exhilarated and full of confidence in knowing that I still had more in me.

I found Bo really friendly and massively helpful to my needs and as and when I needed her she was always there at the end of an email.

I would fully recommend Bo to others. She combines professionalism with an extremely friendly approach.


Bo Tyler was really helpful to me in focussing my attention on the need to lose some weight and the habits of life which needed to be changed to do that.  She is very easy to talk to and undoubtedly well qualified to give advice.

As a seventy year old I was able to reduce weight from 15 ½ stone to 13 ½ stone over eleven months. It required some discipline but not a lot. I have kept the weight off, and expect to continue to do so. Requires a new wardrobe.

Jude Dubrawski 

Having spent my entire life struggling with my weight and self image I went to see Bo some 18 months ago and found it to be a life changing experience. Food has always been important to me, both cooking it and enjoying it with friends. And I considered I had a very healthy diet.  Bo doesn’t take away your enjoyment of food but teaches you how to get the most nutritional benefit from what you eat and how you eat it. Both my husband and I lost the stone in weight which we needed to lose and we did it without dieting Or ever feeling hungry. This is truly the first time in my life I have ever been comfortable with how I look.  A big thank you to Bo.
My niece also went to see Bo and didn’t appreciate finding out that she needed to lose 3 stone!! She was rather resistant to Bo’s suggestions. 9 months later she has lost weight, is looking fantastic and is full of energy and life And is really grateful. Again, thank you Bo.

Shaun Thomson

I went to see Bo on recommendation from a keen cyclist friend as I really wanted to improve my time on the bike; specifically ride 100 miles in less than 6 hours. I was carrying over 14 stone and knew that shedding some of that would help significantly. After 3 sessions over 3 months I was  20lbs lighter. I have completed five 100 mile sportives  all in less than 6 hours and two 80 mile sportives also in good times so I’ve been so happy and proud of myself for doing that. I have also completed the CycleSwarm and I knocked 20 minutes off my PB and the Cambridge to Norwich ride which I last did in 2013 so I was really looking forward to seeing how much I could improve my time; I managed to knock 1 hr and 26 minutes off my PB. To say I was happy was an understatement. So as you can see, I’ve had a terrific year of riding my bike and it’s a massive thank you to Bo for firstly putting me on the right track in my day to day eating habits but also for all the tips about nutrition and hydration whilst I ride. I would never have lost the weight and gained the confidence to go out and ride like I have without her help. Bo made me feel at ease right from the start and I enjoyed our sessions and looked forward to them each time. Bo’s advice has not only helped me with my cycling its given me a new lease of life as I feel so much better in myself and I also look so much better, I would always highly recommend Bo to anyone. It just leaves me to say a massive thank you to Bo for all her advice, I really appreciated it all and I’m looking forward to next year’s challenges.

Alistair Macdonald

Bo’s nutritional advice has quite simply changed my life. I always felt I ate well but discovered I was eating my proteins, carbs and veg in the wrong proportions and at the wrong times Of day. Bo’s advice truly was a Eureka moment. Her help really kicked in last year when I celebrated my 66th birthday by cycling 1053 miles from Dungeness on the south coast of England to Durness on the NW coast of Scotland – alone and unsupported. I heeded the gypsy warning that unless I drank at least 3-4 litres of water per day with rehydration salts and ate copious amounts of good food and in the right proportions and at the right time I would wake up one morning not wanting to cluimb on my bike. This never happened. I completed the trip in 3 weeks feeling fresh as a daisy. My best day was cycling 66 miles over the Cairngorm Mountains in one day with 5 hours of ascent. Bo’s advice was simply excellent……..all one needs is the motivation to make changes to eating habits and then sticking with it.

Cat Cameron

image1.PNG I have colitis and after numerous visits to my consultant with a sore, bloated tummy and being told it was nothing to do with my diet, I contacted Bo.Bo rang me straight back and we had a chat about my symptoms and she gave me hope when she said she could help me. I had reached quite a low and it was affecting my personal and social life. I was training for a marathon and had reached the point where I could not run for more than a mile without needing the toilet. I spent most of my day with a very sore, bloated tummy and this was affecting my family and work life. I went to see Bo and she asked me lots of questions about my diet, health & symptoms. I had already worked out some of the triggers and she helped me with the rest giving me a 6 week eating plan to follow that was to make sure I was getting all the nourishment I needed. I knew Bo was at the end of an email so contacted her many times with my progress and any questions and she replied and answered my questions quickly. After the 6 weeks I went back to see her and was very happy to say that life had completely changed for the better. I no longer had a sore tummy and the urge to go to the toilet regularly. and urgently had disappeared. Bo  also gave me advice on nutrition to fuel my longer runs and the marathon. Her eating plan has been easy to stick to, and has led to more adventerous cooking for me and my family. I have since completed my 2nd marathon and my first triathlon. I feel healthier and happier than I have in a long time! My visit to Bo has been life changing.

Anne Ellen

Approaching 60, and having been running for about 10 years, I found that I had started reacting to something in my diet. A friend recommended Bo to me, and by eliminating certain foods, she soon helped me to identify where the problem was, and to adjust my diet accordingly. She gave me sound nutritional advice and guidance; showed me what was missing in my diet and what I need to eat in order to maintain my level of training. Her advice was clear and easy to follow, and realistic in terms of managing within family life. Approachable and enthusiastic, Bo’s knowledge clearly extends beyond nutrition, and she also gave me suggestions regarding other lifestyle and training changes that will hopefully maintain my fitness levels into later life. Bo’s advice during my marathon training, and in the days/hours leading up to the event was invaluable. I found her to be genuinely interested, encouraging and supportive. Having met Bo, all my racing times improved significantly and I went onto achieve personal bests at 10k, 5m,10m and marathon distance. I feel that Bo has given me the knowledge and understanding of what my body needs to continue to set and achieve running goals for many years to come.

Dr Mark and Angela Woodhouse

We had both been active during our 40’s and 50’s running regularly and participating in 10k runs and half marathons. We decided to move to the Norfolk about 8 years ago during which time, for a number of reasons we stopped our exercise regime and weight crept up for both of us. We were prompted to contact Bo after reading one of her articles on healthy eating and nutrition in a magazine. As a result of a series of sessions with Bo we now have lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise goals which have become embedded into our lives and will continue going forward. We now both cycle regularly, play golf and walk extensively around the Norfolk area. The overall results have been fantastic and Bo has helped us to understand the importance of nutrition and a positive mindset in achieving life-changing goals. The result has been a total combined weight loss of nearly 50lbs and regular cycle rides of 25 miles plus. If anybody is looking to revisit their whole lifestyle in their early sixties then a series of sessions with Bo will deliver major change and help to establish a new set of goals for their “second career” as a retired person. Don’t procrastinate go ahead and make that all-important decision to live your life to the full. Rest assured Bo made that a possibility for us and she will really “make a difference

Jayne Nisbet, international high jumper, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games finalist, Personal Trainer

JaynePicI was recommended Bo via a friend of mine that Bo had provided sports nutrition advice for. She thought Bo’s outlook on food and views would be perfect for how I interact with eating habits and foods. Coming from a disordered eating background and sports performance, Bo has been an incredible addition to  my “team” leading into the Commonwealth Games this year in Glasgow. Bo has taught me how to ensure I am eating correctly, has helped encourage me to eat more balanced meals and I have learnt to have a healthier relationship with food viewing it as a tool to help me and I now enjoy making food choices which I didn’t before. My life has become far easier with Bo’s coaching and help with meal planning, and I 100% trust everything she has told me. Bo helped me be in the shape of my life at Commonwealth Games and I would 100% recommend that you get in touch with Bo to help you change your life too.


Mike and Emma Hill

A chance meeting with Bo in a swimming pool in Greece (!) has transformed our eating habits, health and sporting achievements. Like many in their mid-40s (with a couple of decades being distracted by work and family life), we were battling mid-life crises with Emma attacking marathons (and more recently Triathlons) and Mike attacking cycle sportives respectively.  We were piling in the training miles, seeing improvements (in terms of health, weight loss and performance) but had been looking for a sports nutritionist to test whether we could improve our body composition for our respective sports. Thankfully we found Bo.  A deep dive into our diets suggested we were not “unhealthy” but there was potential for material improvement with relatively small changes. We jumped in with both feet and saw immediate benefit – stronger, leaner, greater endurance, quicker recovery – we could not quite believe the effect.    We estimate that 6 weeks of being “on Bo” would have cost us at least 2 years of additional training for the same results. The structured eating plan gave us the framework and flexibility to avoid distraction, whilst the plans for fuelling during and post race were revelations – initially it felt like we were cheating when we finished training and didn’t fall into a heap feeling like the tank was “empty”! Bo has been superb.  Her passion, support, patience and guidance have taken us on a fantastic journey.  Her input extends beyond just nutrition challenging us on training and stretching aspects. It is not an overstatement to say that the whole experience has been life-changing. The education she has given us has benefited the whole family, making us all far more aware of the right food rather than the easy food.

Janice Whitaker

janwhitpicI booked to see Bo last year after a very difficult time in my life. My health had deteriorated because of the emotional and physical pressures of juggling my job, being a mum and caring for my parents who within 2 years both suddenly died from cancer. I have always exercised but I suffered from headaches, problems with my back, sinus problems, skin problems and general tiredness. I wasn’t really overweight but wanted to get into better shape and most importantly feel good. The death of my parents also made me very ‘cancer aware’ and I wanted to make all efforts to reach my 40th birthday in good health. Bo’s eating plan was easy to keep to and I was never hungry. She taught me things about certain foods that I had never known. There were many foods that I was eating that I thought were really healthy that were having a negative effect on me. After a few days of going without I felt a dramatic improvement to my health including my skin. I also took some supplements after a blood test. I changed some of my exercise activities to fit my goals. Every step of the way Bo answered my emails and continued to research and suggest other things that could help my health. Bo really looked at me as an individual and was more help than any doctor I have ever been to! She is very knowledgeable not only about diet but about how the body works, exercise and all sorts of health problems. I can honestly say I have recently felt the best I have ever felt since I was a child! I very rarely have headaches, have stopped seeing a chiropractor since starting yoga, have more energy than I can ever remember having and I am the fittest I have ever been. I lost half a stone in body fat. I am sure Bo could cure at least 40% of people who go to the doctor with various health aliments without the use of harsh drugs. She looks at the ‘whole person’ which is something a doctor doesn’t ever have time to do and sees symptoms as messages and works out what it is you are doing that isn’t working. She is also so inspirational and motivating and so easy to get on with and approachable. I believe your health is the most important thing in your life and everyone could really benefit from a ‘Bo health check’ I honestly can’t thank her enough for how she has helped me and I now use what I have learnt to help my family. Bo’s advice has been seriously life changing for me!

David Horton-Fawkes, Estates Director, Holkham Estate Office

DavidHFpicI didn’t like the idea of reaching 50, so I decided to compete in four races to mark my birthday; these culminated in my first Full Ironman. Although I consider myself a healthy eater and have been a regular runner, there was no science or thinking behind my training or my diet. I assumed the more I trained, the faster and further I would go and when a friend asked me about my “nutrition strategy” I thought she was joking. I consulted Bo after I had completed a Half Ironman on a hot May afternoon in Mallorca. It was a disaster; I arrived at the start without any race or nutrition plan and I ended up staggering over the finishing line bewildered and exhausted, despite many months of diligent training, which I now realise were mostly “junk miles”, to use Bo’s sobering phrase. From Bo I learned how food could affect my performance both physically and mentally. I began to appreciate the need for structure and planning. I am a disciplined pupil but Bo’s approach was both logical and achievable. I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight but had no difficulty getting down to the 67kg that we targeted and together we worked out a nutrition plan for the full Ironman. I completed the race in Sweden in August 2014 in a time of 12:01. I followed the plan we had discussed and crossed the line feeling fresher than I had when doing half the distance. I attribute this largely to Bo’s advice. DHF

Paula Lee, Partner, Leathes Prior

paulaleeI entered an Ironman triathlon and was determined to leave no stone unturned in my preparation; that premise led me to Bo. Bo’s advice was in two stages 1) lose fat and replace with lean muscle and 2) nutrition planning for race day. Did it work? YES: 10% body fat melted away. I gained 6lb of lean muscle mass, lost 9lb in weight overall and changed my body shape completely. As for race day – the nutrition plan worked a treat: no issues, plenty of energy and a desire to do it all again. What more could you want?! The big secret is that it really was not difficult to achieve.




Fletcher Yarham, stable person for Hughie Morrison

fletcherI went to see Bo with 9 months in which to prepare myself for beginning my training to become a professional jockey with the British Racing School in Newmarket. I knew the competition would be tough so I wanted to find a healthy and sustainable way to reach a stable weight and really understand how to stay there. Up until seeing Bo my weight had fluctuated without me really understanding the effects different foods had on my weight and I had even taken to eating less and less yet training harder and harder and feeling the effects; I felt tired, short-tempered and generally not myself which is not a surprise given my new knowledge of how to eat for health, performance and body composition. In those 9 months I lost the weight I needed to and my fitness increased, I became healthier, happier and lighter and grew stronger which was absolutely critical given how strenuous the course and my job now is, both mentally and physically. After the first session with Bo she gave me an eating plan to stick to and it completely changed my life straight from the off. It gave me control and stabilised my weight. I got back down to my target weight healthily and it means I no longer have to worry about it. I eat very well and drink plenty of water every day so I am always feeling healthy and fit! Which for the physical job I do I need to be feeling well. I can only thank Bo for her advice as it has kept my dream alive of making it as a jockey alive.

Aaron Frisby, Group Business Centre Manager, Duff Morgan Citroen

aaronfrisbyFive years ago I returned to cycling after a long sabbatical which saw me drink, smoke, gain weight and generally abuse my once athletic body. Having recently turned forty and having tried numerous keep fit methods including hitting the gym, football, running etc it was quickly evident that cycling was the one and only sport that I have always loved and enjoyed doing. A few years went by and the fitness came however I still urged to compete as I had done years before. If the mind was willing the body certainly was not. My weight was standing in the way. Having tried several diets none of which were suitable for my training schedule as I found out towards the end of most training rides resulting in massive bonking and poor recovery. Talking to a close friend who had recently been riding better than he had ever done he informed me this was down to seeing a Nutritionist and he recommended that I contact Bo. I found Bo very welcoming and she put me at ease very quickly. Bo’s practice is at her home where the surroundings are extremely pleasant and comfortable. After an in depth discussion it was evident that Bo had listened and understood what I needed. A plan was put in to place. Not so much of a diet but a lifestyle change. Giving the plan my full commitment I quickly began to notice vast improvements. Not just in my body weight but in my general wellbeing. Never had I felt so good. My cycling had dramatically improved and my recovery process had improved also. No longer was I getting dropped by my group. My racing had moved on noticeably also. This was evident more so in a recent trip to the French Alps. Two years previously a group of us went to the Alps for some serious mountain training. On one particular day the target was the Col D Galibier. At 2600 metres above sea level this was a real challenge. Having watched the Tour De France as a child and watching my boy hood heroes conquer this monster I was now going to do it for myself. Unfortunately a harsh reality quickly surfaced on the ride to the base of the climb. I was struggling from the off and within a short while I conceded defeat and stopped a long way short only to watch my friends disappear in to the distance to summit the climb. Having failed at a dream I had had for years was hard to take. But that was 2012, now it’s 2014 and I have been under Bo’s guidance. I returned to tackle the climb once more. Now two stone lighter, 6% less body fat and the correct knowledge to fuel and hydrate properly the climb was quickly dispensed with. Forget spending money on expensive equipment. Having the correct nutritional knowledge and a mentor such as Bo will produce the most dramatic results you can get. I wish I had seen her five years ago Thank you Bo

Robin Moore Ede, Interior Designer

I have no hesitation in recommending Bo Tyler as a nutritionist – she has helped me enormously. I have had clear explanation of the way the body functions and how some foods have significant effects on the biology. She then makes a case of changing the diet to one’s particular needs in a clearly understood manner together with supporting diet sheets which can be easily understood and translated into domestic shopping. All of this sometimes unwelcome news is delivered with great enthusiasm and humour and a certain amount of pressure to keep you on the straight and narrow. Regular check-ups and a pep talk manages to keep the project on track and the results are enormously worthwhile.

Peter Pugh and David Brooksbank

peterDavidpicWhen we decided at the ages of 71 and 68 to compete as partners in the Norfolk Superhero Challenge – 1 mile swim, 4 miles kayak, 45 miles cycle and finally, 8 miles run – David Brooksbank and I were recommended to consult Bo Tyler about our training and diet on the run-up to the Challenge, and, more important, how to handle ourselves on the day. Bo was absolutely brilliant, especially in advising not only what nourishment to eat day to day through all of our training but also what to eat and drink and at what intervals on the day. Without that advice I don’t think we would have lasted the nine hours which it took us to complete the course.


James Dodds, Golf Professional Hunstanton Golf Club

jamesdoddspicI had my first meeting with Bo Tyler in June 2013 and within 4 months I had lost 3 1/2 stone. Bo outlined an easy to follow eating plan which I will continue to follow because I never feel hungry. After years of trying to lose weight I now understand about how different food groups affect your body and why we put on weight and there is still the flexibility to go out and enjoy myself. I would highly recommend a consultation with Bo Tyler.


Frank Bowyeruntitled

Given the role I have as an active parent and busy company director, I constantly find that I am living and working at a fast pace. This has meant in the past that I have not maintained a great balance between exercise, eating or managing my stress levels. This has changed with Bo teaching me the importance of nutrition, eating the right foods, reading food labels and understanding my weaknesses. I have not followed a formal diet but I have changed my eating habits. By making small but specific changes, this has extended my energy levels, which has seen me combine; raising a young family, establishing a new corporate fitness centre and completing in three half ironman events over the last year (with a training program of 220km bike rides, two run sessions and three swims per week)!! The results I have achieved over the last 12 months have been nothing short of fantastic, I am the lightest I have been for years. My energy levels have improved and I now have a much sharper mental focus I apply to my life. Bo has been the instrumental in getting me to take nutrition seriously and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their well being.

tnColin and Ros Gregory

We both had various health issues which were being treated medically, however, we felt that a consultation with a Nutritionist would be helpful. Our consultation with Bo was extremely beneficial. We initially completed a Health Questionnaire and when visiting Bo, she discussed her findings with us and advised us of a number of changes to our diet. She felt that these changes would work well alongside our traditional treatments and would improve our overall health. We followed her advice and after a short period of time we could see and feel positive changes. One condition was reversed and medication stopped and with other conditions, medication was reduced. Her advice is continually being used and we both feel the benefit from it. We know that our health would not be as good without Bo’s expertise and knowledge. Bo is readily available should we need further assistance and we would recommend her to anybody who wishes to improve their daily health and well-being.

Iain Wilson.facebook_-1712966825

Nibbling at 15 ½ stone and knocking on 40’s door was a big ‘how did that happen moment’. I was losing a bit of energy with the kids, on the last notch on my belt, and the duvet seemed to be getting heavier each morning! A good friend encouraged me to enter a local event, which I vowed in the previous year, never to get involved with. Nevertheless it was the catalyst for a bit of change that was much needed. The activity levels went up with the motivation of completing the event (or the thought of falling in front of family and friends!!) and the pounds started falling off. A second year entry was made, but it was clear although I was now training well, that there was a lot of hard work going in for not a huge amount of success, both in performance and in body shape. A chance conversation with a member of the family led to a conversation with Bo about the benefits of more structure on the eating side of things. Initially I asked for an eating plan – I just wanted a quick fix! Although I was training hard, I was really disappointed with my eating. I just wanted somebody to say – eat this each day and you’ll be fine. Luckily, Bo turned me down!! Insisting that if I was educated in what I was eating and why, then my understanding would increase and behaviour change on a long term basis improve. This proved to be the first of many really important bits of advice. Following an initial consultation to gauge my understanding, take basic details, and align goals, my understanding of what I could do better was pretty quick. Once I got a better idea of what was needed, the results and change in performance were significant, and more importantly, my general day to day energy levels increased significantly, and the pendulum mood swings that I used to get were a lot less frequent. Advice has been given on many elements of nutrition from fuel during events and training, to day to day menu planning and even into the psychology of why I peak and trough and occasionally enter into self destruct!! This has all been provided by email or telephone which has been perfect as I have been able to slot the advice in alongside everything else, and really importantly, is given in accordance with my level of enthusiasm to have a go, and in a way that gave me the knowledge and options to make the decisions and has never been demanding or in the slightest undermining, which I loved – Bo takes you down a journey of knowledge and reward, but keeps you in control of the decisions at all times so you have total ownership and empowerment. The new behaviour I now adopt is nothing alien or strange, just about making better choices which are relatively simple given the new knowledge on board. In addition, advice was not only given on nutrition, but also, the way I was training. My primary goals were weight loss and improved posture, and Bo was great in steering me onto the types of exercise that would have the most benefit and also contacts if I wanted to take further advice in this area. The result has been an improvement in total health. The only downside is the cost, as I now need a wardrobe of new clothes!! I was summing up the process to a friend recently, and with how important health is in your life i.e. without it you’re history, and thinking of the impact on me, wife, kids etc etc – taking the advice has been incredible – probably right up there with the best things that have influenced my life.

DSCF1289[1]Nick Franklin

I have been into sport all my life and am also a Personal Trainer. I have mainly enjoyed long distance endurance sports such as road running and cycling. Having completed two marathons and various club races such as the Round Norfolk Relay and Hereward Relay as well as rowing a marathon and completing one middle distance duathlon I feel that seeing Bo for exceptional nutritional advice has helped me achieve the goals I have wanted to. The first marathon I ever completed was the London Marathon back in 2009 which I completed in 3 hours 44 minutes. This was a time I was happy with but this marathon was completed before the advice of a nutrition professional so I found that at the twenty mile stage I hit the wall and could not recover. In May 2012 I completed the Edinburgh marathon and this time with the advice of Bo in which I came in a very pleasing 3 hours 14 minutes. I am certain that the advice from Bo on carbohydrate loading pre event and fuelling during the event able me to recover well when I started to struggle which again was around the twenty mile stage. Rather than struggling for six miles my legs seem to have enough fuel in them to maintain a consistent minute mile pace throughout the last six miles. Back in September 2011 I took on a challenge of a life time which would test me both mentally and physically like no other event. I took the challenge of cycling on a spin bike for 48 hours with allowing just five minute breaks every hour. One difficulty I face prior to this event was how was I going to keep my body fuelled for exercise for such a long period of time. Having arranged a meeting with Bo she broke my nutrition down to pre, during and post event giving me detailed advice and tasters of food to try. Bo came up with a plan to find drinks and food which were easily digestible and no simple sugars to prevent getting a sudden energy spike followed by a massive energy dip thirty minutes later. If it was not for Bo’s knowledge and detailed advice I do believe I would have not completed this challenge as although my body was hurting and I was severely sleep deprived good nutrition kept me fuelled enough for the body to just about keep going. Having worked with Bo now for a wide range of challenges I have seen great results and improvements and I feel I can continue to beat times and reach goals whilst working with Bo.


I cannot thank Bo enough on so many levels. Not only has she helped me to get a much better understanding of healthy eating but with her guidance and support she has enabled me to shift those difficult inches that I thought I’d never lose with relative ease! She has also had an amazing impact on my overall well being and given me a real boost in confidence. I urge anyone who wants to feel a real difference on the inside as well as the outside, to give Bo a call.

Rob Bacon

I was at my worst when I met Bo at the end of November. I had been on tablets to control my acid levels for many years and i had IBS so when I trained at times, it would be very uncomfortable. I had my first meeting and straight away Bo was on the case, I changed my diet that day and stopped taking my tablets, this was very tough but I stuck to it 100% and its been nearly 3 months  with no acid and I have lost 1 stone in weight. I have found Bo to be very professional and supportive during this time.

rnli lunch 004Bob Carrick

I was persuaded by my wife to participate in Bo Tyler’s Zest4life courses. I have to say that this was one of her better ideas. Two months later, I am nearly 2 stone lighter, much more active and feel much better for it. Also, Bo’s knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise makes the whole programme a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it.



Andy Kett

Asking Bo to assist me with my nutrition played a vital part in achieving a personal best time at the London Marathon this year (2013). Bo gave me a detailed food plan weekly calculated on my body weight, mileage and pace but not only this explained the types of foods to eat and when to eat them for optimum performance. I now know exactly what to eat before an easy training session, before an intense training session, how to eat in the days leading up to an A race and how much to eat and drink during competitive competition, and importantly afterwards which I hadn’t appreciated. Bo taught me about the best types of foods to refuel and recover with and also gave advice on natural products, ideal to supplement your body’s need to race and recover well.  In my case Bo devised me a plan to reduce my body fat and weight while at the same time ensured I was always well fuelled and full of energy, ready to perform in my key training session or complete my long runs so that my performance or enjoyment of training were not compromised.  Bo also organized my pre-marathon week nutrition with precision, as well as going through in depth mental preparation and on the day fuelling calculated again for my bodyweight and energy requirements of completing the marathon at my planned pace. Bo advised me on brand of sports gel, the volume of fluid I would need to maintain energy levels and avoid stomach issues which I have previously been plagued with and as a result have severely under-fuelled! I have no doubt that getting my nutrition sorted played as important a role as the 16 week physical training plan I put myself through, as I readily admit that I’d never really paid much attention to my diet before.  I have continued to adopt the methods I have learnt from Bo for my forthcoming challenges and use them to assist me in my day to day and training.  I worked with Bo for 8 weeks leading up to the London Marathon her support and attention to detail were second to none. Below are the improvements she helped me achieve: Body fat %:  reduced from 14% to 11% Body weight: reduced from 11st 3 to 10st 9 Marathon new PB: from 2:57.48 to 2:48.19

Andrea Sowerby

Having started 2013 feeling rather lethargic and my clothes feeling a little too snug, I was delighted to be offered a place on the 4 week zest4life trial. Now 6 months on I really do feel as if I’ve been given a new lease of life and no longer drifting into middle age! Initially the GL concept was rather alien and certainly did require effort and concentration to change my eating habits, but I was amazed at how quickly this new way of eating become the norm. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with new foods and different recipes and realised that with a little planning, it’s really easy to be out and about and still follow the GL ethos. As the pounds began to drop off I started to exercise more and now feel in better shape than I have since my twenties. Zest4life has worked so well for me that my husband joined in after the first few weeks and he too is reaping the benefits and enjoys not feeling bloated and tired during the day. Now I’ve reached the shape that I’ve always wanted to be I have stopped counting GLs, but the principle is now deeply engrained and I’ve been able to enjoy treats when I like without piling on the pounds. A huge thank you to Bo for her support and advice which has made this all possible.

Na Hansell

Isigned up to Bo’s Zest for Life Vitality spring programme after feeling lumpy, lethargic and low on energy.  My ‘pre-Bo’ daily diet of black coffee, crusts from the kids’ toast for breakfast and skins from their baked potatoes for lunch clearly wasn’t doing to job as I consistently ran out of energy at 5pm,  with kids’ tea, bath-time, stories, grown up supper, washing, ironing etc still to do…  Something had to change – and it did: I lost weight, I have more energy – it’s like having 25 hours in the day, I have conquered my daily obsession with the bathroom scales, I have changed how I eat and also how I feed my family, and best of all, 3 months on, I am still incorporating the same changes into my family’s diet. The course was packed full of interesting, intelligent food knowledge, diet lessons, practical and emotional support, in a small group format that allowed plenty of discussion, shared experiences and social contact. I was keen to lose some weight – which I did, however what I didn’t realise I was going to do was to learn about lifelong food changes that I hope will keep all my family healthy.  Bo’s coaching has given me a whole new perspective on food, being a more modern way of eating that I am sure will become the nation’s way of eating for health. As a food professional with a reasonably good nutritional knowledge, I have been amazed at how much I have learned and how it has inspired me to take a fresh look at how I write my recipes and structure my professional cooking as well as feed my family. I have also upped my exercise levels since completing a multiday endurance cycling event.  Bo’s event-specific nutritional advice on top of my learning from the course was invaluable and was one of the key elements that kept me well fuelled, injury- free and ready to ride each day. Bo’s knowledge is powerful and her ability to adapt to the different needs of clients is tremendous.  Whilst part of a group her focus is always on each member as an individual, gently offering just the right amount and style of support.

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